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Dimensional Lettering

Dimensional letters and logos are a great way to add depth and character to your signage in both indoor and outdoor applications. Here are just a few ideas of where a 3D logo or lettering can be used:

  • Add a touch of class to your business with your logo on your reception desk or wall.
  • Use them outdoors affixed to your building as your main signage.
  • For wayfinding in larger retail spaces where you have designated sections
  • Depending on your budget and intended application, there are several materials available that can be CNC or Waterjet cut.

    Metal Lettering:

    Ideal for many types of outdoor applications or when look and feel are critically important. Waterjet cut metal letters or logos can be finished in a variety of metal from brushed aluminum to chrome. When combined with a black or deep background, metal letters can create a very rich look and feel to your signage.

    Metal signs and signage solutions in Victoria, BC

    Foam Lettering:

    Foam lettering is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and is available in many different thicknesses, densities, colours and finishes. Foam letters are the most economical of our dimensional signage options, and can be easily mounted using simple double sided foam tape.

    Dimensional / 3D foam letters & signage in Victoria, BC

    Plastic Lettering:

    We offer vacuum formed plastic letters, as well as CNC cut plastic lettering. Our plastic letters come in a variety of thicknesses, colours and finishes to fit your project. There are many different types of plastic available to fit your budget. Consult with your SignPad representative on the best type for your application.

    Plastic 3D and Dimensional signs in Victoria, BC

    Sandblasted Signage:

    We are proud to offer traditional sandblasted wood signage. These classic looking signs are still the choice for many businesses and homes.

    Sand blasted / Sandblasting signs in Victoria, BC

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