Sandwich boards

Buy sandwich boards A-Frames in Victoria and Online

Standard Sandwich Boards

Our standard sandwich boards are one of the most cost effective and versatile ways to get your marketing or message across. They can easily be placed on sidewalks, boulevards or street corners to advertise everything from businesses and open houses to construction sites and directional signage.
There are many options available to customize a sandwich board to better suite your requirements.

We have 3 standard sizes to fit your needs and budget:

Size Small: 24” x 32”
Size Medium: 24” x 36”
Size Large: 32″ x 48″

Sandwich boards victoria bc

Windproof Sandwich Boards Victoria

Wind Proof Sandwich Boards

If your business is in a particularly windy area, or you just want the ability to “set it and forget it”, then our wind resistant sandwich boards are just what you need. These lightweight and portable sandwich boards have some great features over our standard sandwich boards:

– Wind Resistance against strong gusts. No more damaged sandwich boards.
– Easy Change message can be swapped in and out in seconds
– Attractive and stylish design.

Wind proof Sandwich Boards are available in a 28” x 44” size.

Easy Change Sandwich Board

Our easy change sandwich boards are a great alternative if you need more flexibility than our standard sandwich boards offer. These lightweight and portable frames have an opening that allows you to pre-build signs that can easily be changed in seconds. Simply insert a coroplast or sintra insert into into the a-frame. We can also print double sided inserts, allowing you to change your messaging quickly whenever you choose.

Easy Change Sandwich Board

Dry Erase, Chalkboard & More!

Need a sandwich board that allows you to change messaging regularly? We offer sandwich boards with a dry erase laminate. This means we can print any type of graphic / logos, and then top it off with a laminate that enables use with dry erase markers.

If you need something a little more vintage look we also have chalkboard sandwich boards available in standard sizes, or we can customize to any size you need.

Custom CNC Sandwich Boards

Sometimes “standard” won’t quite cut it. If that’s the case and you are looking for something that will really have a “wow” factor, our custom CNC cut sandwich boards might be just the ticket. We can layer, CNC cut, and fabricate a sandwich board for you in everything from wood and metals, to plastics or
other materials. Let us help you craft your vision!