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Etched Glass Window Films

One of our most popular type of windows films is the “etched glass” look. This etched glass vinyl is extremely popular in office spaces, restaurants and even residential. These versatile films come in many different shades and opacities. We also have the ability to contour cut the vinyl into any shape or designs such as your logo or branding elements.

Given the large trend of glass separators in today’s modern spaces, the use of privacy and etched glass vinyl can help maintain some separation while still allowing for large amounts of light throughout.

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3M Fasara Wind FIlms

3M Fasara Window Films

While traditional etched glass vinyl is a popular option, we also offer the ability to use 3M Fasara window films. The Fasara line of vinyl comes in a variety of different patterns, opacities that can’t necessarily be achieved with traditional window films. This line of decorative films offers over 60 different designs.

Come visit our showroom for a full catalogue of available patterns.

View 3M PDF on Fasara Window Films

Let's design your space

Our expert team of designers and installers can help transform your office or residential space into something vibrant and modern via use of our window films. From simple logos, shapes and patterns, to large panels and fully designed interiors, we can provide you the most effective option available for your space.

Get in contact with us to kick start your window film project.