Illuminated Signs

Plan. Design. Produce. Deliver

Thinking of an illuminated sign? Let us help you take the first steps with a consultation and planning session. We can help you determine what kind of illuminated letters may best fit your budget, or if any local signage bylaws will restrict the size and or type of illuminated sign you can use.

This initial consultation can save you a lot of wasted time and money down the road.

Types of Illuminated Signage we offer

Front Lit Letters

Face of the letter is lit, with sides and back unlit. The traditional letter used on most buildings.

Halo Lit Letters

The rear of the letter is illuminated, lighting up the surface behind the letters. This provides a halo effect instead of lighting the front of the letters.

Flush-lit Illuminated Letters

The letter is illuminated and area surround the letter is not. The letters are not pushed through the face, but rather sit about 1/8″ below. Good for smaller budgets or text that is small.

Acrylic Push-Thru Letters

Acrylic letter is pushed through the front face of the sign. Sides and face of letter are illuminated, while the surrounding sign face is not (meaning letters stand out prominently)

Expert advice you can count on

Unique signage sometimes comes with unique challenges. You can count on our expert team of fabricators, installers, designers and sales teams to guide you through the process. From our initial site visits, to the design process, our years of experience in the industry will ensure your signage comes through without a hitch.

Built once, Built to last.

Your signage is an investment, and with any investment quality is almost always one of the top concerns of our clients. Every detail of our fabrication processes have been tested to ensure we are using the best product available for your application.