Floor & Wall Graphics

Design Great Spaces

Your interior office and retail spaces are an open canvas. They can be used to advertise, create branded environments or simply add appeal to existing rooms.

We can help you design and utilize your floors, wall, glass interiors and more to create a truly inspirational space. We can even add additional elements such as LED lighting, offset prints and more to help create the perfect showroom.

Types of Wall, Floor and Window Graphics we offer

Wall Graphics

Our indoor wall graphics can be applied directly to painted smooth walls, or concrete textured surfaces. If you have a textured or concrete cinder block wall, the results look very impressive as the graphics will take on the texture of the brick.

If you are intending to go on interior painted drywall, we offer “removable” interior wall graphics that can be removed from finished drywall for up to 3 years without fear of damaging or removing paint.

Floor Graphics

Our indoor or outdoor floor graphics are intended to be applied to sealed or unsealed concrete surfaces in addition to standard vinyl and wood flooring. Our special 3M media and non-slip laminate pair ensure that your graphics will last on sidewalks, textured concrete and more. The non-slip textured laminate guarantees that your graphic will not become slippery during wet or damp conditions.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to add privacy, create brand awareness or simply add some appeal. We do everything from large graphics that cover multiple stories, down to just smaller text on windows. We work with a variety of materials including permanent graphics, removable films and etched glass style vinyls to create classic looks.

Textured Wall Graphics

Looking for a way to really bring your brand to the attention of your customers? Outdoor textured wall graphics are an exciting and different way to get your message across. Our wall graphics can be applied to textured brick, stucco or other textured surfaces. Our printed wall graphics will take
on the texture of whatever surface they are applied to, often giving the appearance that they have been painted on.

Looking for some inspiration or creative ideas on how to use floor and wall graphics in your business? Check out our blog post on floor and wall graphics