Dimensional Signs & Lettering

3-Dimensional Letters & Logos

Dimensional letters and logos are a great way to add depth and character to your signage in both indoor and outdoor applications. Here are just a few ideas of where a 3D logo or lettering can be used:

Receptions desks or walls, use them outdoors affixed to your building as your main business signage. For way finding in larger retail spaces where you have designated sections

Depending on your budget and intended application, there are several materials available that can be CNC or Waterjet cut. Materials such as aluminium, composite panel, steel, plastics and wood.

Plastic / Acrylic Letters & Logos

Plastic logos and letters can be made out of all sorts of plastics. From standard PVC plastics to high gloss acrylics, We can laser cut or CNC cut amazing shapes to create high impact signage.

Plastic or Acrylic signage is often used in more contemporary signage with modern looking shapes and angles. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with compared to some other materials. It also has great longevity both indoors and outdoors – for this reason it is one of the most popular materials to work with.

Metal Letters & Logos

Finished metal logos and letters have a classy and elegant look to them that can’t be matched by other materials. From high gloss chrome finishes, to brushed aluminium letters, our metal letters are the ultimate in durability and elegance.

Aluminium is the choice metal for it’s ease of use in cutting and fabricating, as well as its weight and ability to finish in several styles and uses. It also has the longest lasting durability compared to other materials.

Foam Letters & Logos

Foam is one of the best types of substrates to use for your logos or letters when you aren’t concerned about longevity. When compared to other substrates such as acrylic, wood, aluminium it is a cheaper alternative. It can be painted, or faced with vinyl to match corporate colors.

Depending on thickness required it can also be layered to give even more thickness!

Cedar Sandblasted Signs & Logos

Sandblasted Cedar signs are still a classic way or branding for many businesses. These timeless signs can have embossed or de-bossed letters even be painted or stained for almost any look.

We start with a fresh piece of western cedar which is sanded, then stenciled with a specialty sandblast material to leave only the areas being blasted. The sandblast itself brings the grain of the sign to life and gives it the recognizable look you know. We then follow up with various paints, stains or vinyls depending on the design