Logo & Graphic Design

The Importance of your Logo & Brand

In today’s competitive environment, a successful brand is one that quickly, easily and effectively communicates its message to potential customers or clients about its services or products. We design brands to evoke trust and dependability. Many aspects of design are subliminal – we judge products,
services and companies every day by how they appear and present themselves.

Your logo and brand is at the forefront of this. That’s why it is so critical to start and set a solid foundation for your company – a brand from The Sign Pad.

Consider this – which of the following 2 logos better captures your attention?
Which brand feels more credible and professional to you?

The Key is Consistency

Another advantage to having your brand developed with The Sign Pad is brand consistency. You have one team that is intimately involved and knowledgeable with your brand and its guidelines. That means fonts, colors, layout, white space and all the other elements remain consistent whether we are wrapping your vehicle, developing your website, creating your signs, brochures or t-shirts. You will always keep a uniform professional look.

Having to source all of these individually will not only leave you with a lot less time to run your business, but it will leave your brand identity fragmented. The key to a powerful brand is consistency.

Some of the full brands we've created (Logo, Website & More)