Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Victoria's leader in vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps are our speciality, and why we’ve assembled the best team of designers and installers in Victoria. Our team’s work has been featured in industry magazine Signbuilder Illustrated. Our work was also
seen in the 6th most viewed article in the Times Colonist in 2014.

Here’s why our vehicle wraps & graphics are a cut above the competition:

Vehicle Wraps in Victoria leaders

It's all in the details - the install.

One of the most important aspects of a vehicle wrap is actually often one of the most overlooked ones – the installation. What most of our clients don’t know is that the life of your vehicle wrap almost always comes down to the talent and experience of your vehicle wrap installer.

Our wrap installers work on vehicles full time, and have been professionally trained, working for years in the field. That’s why we can offer a level of quality and precision that other companies just can’t match. All of our wraps also include a detailed inspection checklist and warranty booklet.

Watch us wrap in 1080 HD Video

Red Chrome Ferrari

View our video which showcases a recent project where we wrapped this Ferrari F430 in Red Chrome. We show the entire process from start to finish!

From concept to final product. Watch the stages

Before the first panel goes applied there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Watch as we take a wrap through the entire process start to finish. A great example of full-print wraps!

The Everest of Wrapping - going Chrome.

A chrome wrap in one that takes years of training and experience to tackle. Watch as our expert installers wrap this Ferrari F430 in Chrome Mirror.

Brushed Wrapped Films

Brushed films propose another challenge over typical matte or gloss films. You have to be extremely careful not to overstretch or get adhesive lines in the material as it shows in the brushed pattern.

We never cut corners

When wrapping your vehicle, we take the extra time and care to remove parts of the vehicle that should be wrapped under and NOT over. This includes tail lights, emblems, badges, bumpers and other parts. These little details mean a more seamless installation, and one that will last you for years to come.

While it may not be obvious at first, the true test of installation quality becomes more apparent with age. A poor quality installation could see failed areas in as little as a month, while a quality install should look great for years.

Best Design Team

An experienced design team.

We are fortunate enough to have some of the best in-house graphic designers that have helped deliver our clients some spectacular wraps. Our designers know what makes an effective wrap, and will coach you through the process, giving you tips and their advice on what looks best, and more importantly, what will be more effective in grabbing attention. Our design work was the feature of an article in an international sign magazine, Sign Builder Illustrated. Our wrap gallery will give you an even better idea of the quality of our designs.

Wraps and graphics for every budget. Pick your coverage.


If it can be wrapped, we do it. Everything from from a boat or bus, to a Smart Car and everything in-between. We offer full coverage, partial and 1/4 wraps on almost any type of vehicle. That means that no matter what your budget, we can get you wrapped and rolling in no time! We are also the first company in Victoria to offer vehicle wrap financing to our clients.


Vehicle wraps are fast becoming the most effective way to get your business recognized. Gone are the days of competing for the largest ad in the phone book. Our professionally designed vehicle wraps guarantee that your business will get noticed.


Our 1/2 wraps have been a long time favorite of many of our clients. Depending on your particular needs and requirements, we can often design a 1/2 wrap that can deliver the results of a full coverage wrap. Talk to our sales team to see what options may be available to you.


Our 1/4 coverage wraps are ideal for those who don’t need the full benefits of a wrap, or are looking for the simplicity and cost savings associated with a smaller 1/4 coverage. We always ensure we talk to you first about your budget in order to best determine what type of coverage may be best for you.


Logos & Lettering for your vehicle can have a great impact if done correctly. Depending on your industry or requirements, the use of a simple logo and text graphics may be exactly what does the job. Come talk to our team to discuss the needs of your particular vehicle, and we can make recommendations on what materials, designs & installation procedures to use.