Retail signage & POP – Why it is so important


Retail signage & POP – Why it is so important

Regardless of whether you are a large national franchise or a small / medium sized business, having well designed POP and retail signage helps drive sales. Having worked and managed a large retail environment for many years, I have had the advantage of seeing the difference quality POP has made for customers and the stores staff / sales benefits.

The same concepts can be applied to many different types of businesses, including restaurants, realtors, coffee shops, etc. In the case of a restaurant, having clearly designed menus and other on table tri-fold advertisements, you can pique customers attention to purchase or try a particular drink.

Benefits for customers

  • Easier to find and locate products
  • Easier to distinguish the differences between products
  • Garner knowledge about product(s) and make informed purchase decisions
  • Ability to find a product based on their personal preference or requirements

Benefits for sales staff / business

  • Customers can potentially make an informed purchase without assistance of a sales associate
  • Cleaner more organized POP / Displays allow for quicker stocking of shelves.
  • Potential for increased revenue
  • Ability to guide customer to more recommended or higher grossing product / common seller

POP is best created and designed depending on the way customers purchase a certain product. For an example, let us consider cell phone cases. The first decision a customer would make would be to determine the type of case they need (IE: Apple Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, etc..). If you carry multiple brands of cases, consumers will want to know the difference between a cheap $2.99 case and a top of the line case at $49.99. You could then sort your cases based on the following criteria.

  1. Manufacturer of Phone
  2. Brand of case for Manufacturer (Otter Box, Griffin, etc..)
  3. Basic protection — > Extreme protection (typically sorts it by lowest to highest)

Sample Cell Phone Display racks by theSignPad

While having your product now sorted in an easy to find and organized manner, quality POP can help make the process even simpler. You could use backdrops for each cell phone manufacturer so customers can quickly determine which section to look in (Green for Android / HTC, Black for Blackberry / Silver for Apple products). Additional POP located above the entire display area could provide customers more information on the level of protection they would receive from a level entry case, and then discuss the advantages to a more premium case with higher levels of protection.
The more you understand your particular product or service, the better you can relay information to have well designed POP.

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